EYE of LOVE Pheromones are designed to help Men and Women of all ages attract each other and enhance positive emotional reaction in any environment. EYE of LOVE pheromones are designed to be used daily. Whether you are at your school, workplace, restaurant, nightclub, or home, we can all use an “added edge” to enhance our relationships and achieve our goals. Now these great fragrances are available in a gift set that includes a massage candle, arousing ambiance spray, and rose petals. EYE of LOVE is available in stores.




  • Specially formulated to be worn during the late night/evenings, when ready to be intimate with partner
  • Allows you to be more sensual
  • Create more intimacy with massage candle and rose petals
  • Ambiance sprays can be used on on linens, the body, or rose petals

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