The Hitachi Magic Wand continues to be one of HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD’S best selling vibrators.  Tried and true, it’s guaranteed to bring your pleasure to new heights.

Since the 1970s, millions of women of all ages have found that while the Magic Wand® massager works great for running up and down a sore back, it is also an amazing tool as an intimate massager. Despite its everyday appearance, which can be an advantage, and lack of bunny ears, this is the market-leading massager lovingly referred to as the Cadillac of vibrators! It is so powerful, in fact, that the low setting is enough for most people, and many women recommend using it with a comforter or towel between them and the Magic Wand massager.

Take her pleasure a step further with these Magic Wand attachments from Wand Essentials.  The power of the Magic Wand®, with new sensations.

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