It was sunny and 82 degrees in Los Angeles, the home of Hustler Hollywood HQ, and we were surrounded by Christmas ornaments, garlands, snow (of the fake variety) and men, scantily clad in Holiday Fundies. That can only mean one thing – it was time for our 2014 Holiday photo shoot!

We tossed around ideas for our Holiday campaign ranging from a life-size snow globe with a girl in it (too reminiscent “Bubble Boy”) to a horse-drawn carriage down Sunset Blvd (logistically impossible) to an advent calendar with girls in each window (entire budget blown on models). Finally, we decided that our stores are like our own little Naughty Santa’s workshop so what better place for a photo shoot than our flagship store in West Hollywood?!?

We hope you enjoy Hustler Hollywood’s Winter Wonderland.




‘Twas the night before the party

And Tiffany needed to impress,

So she stopped into Hustler Hollywood

For shoes to go with her dress.

When she opened up the doors

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

It was like a Winter Wonderland

Complete with three hot guys!


As they took her through the store

All the lingerie, clothes and toys

Made her think she’d have to pick

120314_Blog_HolidayPhotoshoot_003A corset, the shoes AND a boy!

Tiffany felt like a princess

As he helped her slide on the shoe.

Then she knew he was the one

And so screamed “I choose you!”


Hustler is a magical place

Well, that’s what some may say

So come and visit us this season

And have a Happy Holiday!






Of course a photo shoot is not complete without some behind the scenes action.

Check out the video:

And some outtakes:

Let’s leave her in Santa lingerie while the boys are all in t-shirts, because that makes sense.



Why am I wearing a reindeer on my ****? Eh, I’m getting paid for this.



They will erect a statue of me…



Of course they’re making me hold a giant ball.



And finally, because it always snows in Los Angeles.  On Sunset Boulevard.  Riiight?

Okay, not an actual outtake but I needed somewhere to share the photo.

XMAS leaving store