Summer’s almost here, bringing with it a simple equation: as the mercury rises, off come our clothes, and as ever more layers are stripped, the more we think about sex. So, while your libido’s on overdrive this soon to be scorching summer, why not spice up your love-life and head to the great outdoors for a bit of nookie?

It’s more than just the idea of having sex outside—and the fear that someone will stumble across what you’re doing—that makes it so thrilling. For something that literally leaves you naked for all the world to see, sex outside is a strangely intimate thing. Your senses are heightened. Your nerves are tingling and alert. And you’ll probably find another layer to the sexual bond between you and your loved one (or ones).

What’s more, despite how familiar the idea sounds, there’s something still kind of taboo about it – something that feels so naughty, and wrong, and deliciously sinful. And so, it got me thinking: where do people actually have sex outdoors?

For me, the most memorable place I’ve had sex outside was on a deserted campsite on the edge of a cliff at dusk, the sound of the waves beneath us and sea gulls circling overhead. But what about you – what are some of your most unique public sex stories? And what are some useful tips for the uninitiated? I posed these questions to about a dozen people, and published the best ones below (edited down for clarity).

Before we get to these stories, however, I should add this important disclaimer: sex in public is technically a crime (the severity of the offense depending upon what state you’re in). So, while it might seem like a fun idea at the time, do remember that you’re taking the law into your own hands! Have an escape plan on hand and bring a blanket to protect yourself from prying eyes.  Avoid public parks and high-traffic areas; instead seek out secluded, private areas at quieter times of day.

Michelle – 34, accountant

Long ago, when I was about 19 or 20 and living in Florida, I was dating this police officer who was a real exhibitionist. He was really fit – ripped, and he loved to show off. Loved the attention. You know, tight t-shirts. Hair immaculate. Speedos on the beach. Real peacock. And so, I wasn’t really surprised, after we’d been going out for a while, he started suggesting that we have sex outdoors. I wasn’t too sure to begin with. I was still pretty young – he was like ten years older than me, and quite kinky.

Anyway, I remember the first time we did it outside. We were on a weekend trip someplace, and it was a filthy hot summer night. Humid as hell. It was probably gone midnight, and we slipped outside our hotel room and wandered around until we found a small wooded area next to a road. He had his police handcuffs with him, and he handcuffed me to a tree, face towards the bark, and we had the best sex I’d ever had (up until then, at least!).

I remember being so scared that someone would come along and see us – sometimes, the car headlights seemed so close, I thought they would shine on us and people would see. But no one did, and I remember standing there naked, my legs spread apart just a little, sweating like hell, arms around the tree, and it just felt so hot and sexy.

Tips: Yeah, have fun with it. After that first time, we tried to fuck outside as often as possible, in the car, or on top of his apartment building in broad daylight. Sometimes, when he used his handcuffs on me, he would sneak off and leave me alone for what felt like ages, and then, he’d sneak up on me suddenly and fuck me like crazy.

James – 27, engineer

I was best man at my best friend’s wedding last summer and I fell in love. Well – for one day! It was a really fancy wedding – they’d booked out a giant hall beside a river for the day. There was this kind of dam thing that let the water over it really slowly, and a large bridge over the top of it. This girl and I, we’d been drinking all day, getting on like wildfire. Damn, she was so fit, too. We had the best chemistry.

The actual wedding service was pretty late in the day, and afterwards, you know, when they do the pictures and stuff, they headed onto the bridge to take the pictures with the sun setting. Meanwhile, we sneaked down underneath the bridge, with the water sloshing over this weird dam thing to mask the noise. I sat down on a damp ledge and she got on top of me. I was so horny, and we had sex right there, in the dark, the rest of the guys above us on the bridge, oblivious, having their picture taken. Halfway through, we heard someone calling for us, so we had to hurry it up.

We’ve stayed in touch, but haven’t seen each other since that day. She lives on the east coast. She’s just got engaged herself actually!

Tips: Ladies, use crotch-less panties – make it easy on yourself! When this girl was taking her panties off, she was in a hurry, understandably! And she kind of ripped them on the heel of her shoe or something. I think she just threw them in the water afterwards, which is a shame, otherwise I would have kept them as a memento.

Staci – 31, shop assistant

Me and my boyfriend love to have sex when we go hiking. We love it. We l-o-v-e it! What we’ll do is wait until we reach a point on the path where there’s no one around, and we’ll sneak off the track and find somewhere quiet. It can be anywhere – behind trees, behind boulders that can act like a screen between you and the other hikers.

We’ve been doing it for a few years now – we’re like pros! We take a backpack with us. Only while every other hiker’s backpack is probably full of water and food and sunscreen, our backpack is full of stuff like lube and vibrators and condoms. My boyfriend loves using vibrators on me when we’re, how should I say, at one with nature – and they’re kind of useful if you need to pull your pants up quickly!

I suppose, why I love fucking outdoors is because the sex is just that much more honest, and fun, if you know what I mean. I can’t really explain it – it’s a bit like you’re waking up after a long sleep really energized and alert.

Tips: Choose a hiking trail that never gets too busy, otherwise you’ll be waiting all day for an opportunity to fuck that probably never comes.

Vanessa – 30, bar tender

When you think of sex outdoors, you think of sex on the beach, right? Well, I’ve ticked that box, in Spain a few years ago. I was on holiday, and I picked up this guy one night at a club. He was really cute. He obviously knew the area and he took me to the local beach really early in the morning. I can’t say that I remember that much about it, but I do remember two things.

One – I never got any sand in my vagina. I remember I tried to make a joke about sandy cracks with the guy, but his English wasn’t that good, and just looked at me like I was odd.

And two – I remember it being really early in the morning, but despite that, there were quite a few couples on the beach already, some of them obviously having sex, and there was just something really sexy and cool about having sex in the moonlight not far from those other couples, some of whom were probably watching us, too. Hot, right?

Tips: Don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined! I wore my favorite little dress that night, and it was wrecked!


Please feel free to share with me your public sex stories below, and remember: don’t forget the bug spray – you’ll be amazed the sorts of places you’ll find midge bites!