Since 2004 Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal has been releasing quality products with cutting edge design.   All Rascal toys are nontoxic, odorless, and phthalate free. Headlining Rascal toys is the Super Star series. This line is molded from 15 of our most popular and diverse exclusive models. Each toy is crafted for life-like size, feel and pleasure. Included are Adam Killian, Aron Ridge, Brandon Lee, Brent Everett, Cameron Marshall, Cole Ryder, Eddie Diaz, Eddie Stone, Mike DeMarko, Mitchell Rock, Jeremy Bilding, Jimmy Durano, Johnny Hazzard, Steven Daigle, and Tommy Blade.  Each is made of 100% FleshPhallix™, the most realistic nontoxic and odorless material you have ever felt!

The Rascal line also features, The A2M Stroker.  A double-ended, 100% translucent FleshPhallix™ masturbator.

The Clencher is 100% platinum-cured medical grade silicon with an amazingly stretchy ring that grips your manhood tight. The anal plug arouses and stimulates as it moves inside with every motion. The sexy curved shaft and exclusive taint tickler provides maximum grip and pleasure.

The initiator is a new trainer kit, combining butt plug, anal balls and prostate massager. Designed with 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone, the Initiator is made with advanced lubricant grabbing grooves that keep the Initiator slick step-by-step.

The Thug is an 8″ insertable x 7″ circumference toy that is the first of its kind to use the Xtreme Grip Interlocking System™.  This chrome-plated friction system allows the user to change out a silicone handle for a silicone suction cup on the fly.

The Rascal C-Ring X3 are made of super strong and stretchy FleshPhallix™.  They are soft and slippery when lubricated.