We know astrology isn’t the most scientific way to figure out how to please your partner, but HUSTLER Hollywood sextrology researchers couldn’t help but notice certain patterns among their lovers who share a sign. Make sure to ask your partner about their individual preferences before you assume that they like being choked just because they were born in late October. Here’s a guide of suggestions including what each sign likes, dislikes, and the perfect product that will have them seeing stars.



Sextrology : Aries

Traits: Feisty.  Fiercely loyal. Unceasingly honest.  Dominant.

Turn-Ons:  Sex in public. Watching adult films with a partner. Unusual positions.

Turn-Offs:  Partners who won’t make the first move. Mind games.

Product recommendation:position ramp will help you achieve positions you’ve only dreamed of and bring out your inner acrobat.







Sextrology : Taurus

Traits: Supersensual. Lives to please. Nurturing. Selfless.

Turn-Ons: Touch of any kind. Giving oral sex. Emotional connection.

Turn-Offs: Commitment-phobia. Impulsiveness.

Product recommendation: A vibrating c-ring will ensure that both partners are experiencing the utmost pleasure.







Sextrology : Gemini

Traits:  Adventurous. Cerebral.  Flirtatious.

Turn-Ons: Phone sex. Erotic literature. Being spoiled.

Turn-Offs: Poor communication. Predictability. Sloth.

Product recommendation:rabbit vibrator is a toy just as versatile as a Gemini – it can be used for internal and external stimulation, satisfying a Gemini’s thirst for variation.







Sextrology : Cancer

Traits: Sensitive. Romantic. Devoted. Family-Oriented.

Turn-Ons: Cuddling. Massage. Being submissive.

Turn-Offs: Arrogance. Thoughtlessness.

Product recommendation: A couples’ vibrator will give you control of your sensations during lovemaking and stimulate both partners during intercourse, enhancing intimacy and encouraging closeness.







Sextrology : Leo

Traits: Bold. Confident. Passionate.

Turn-Ons: Being dominant. Body worship. Receiving oral sex.

Turn-Offs: Control issues. Manipulation. Secrecy.

Product recommendation: A high-quality penis pump that guarantees an increase in penis size will make a Leo man as big as he feels! It also provides a pleasurable sensation and can be used as a masturbation tool.






Sextrology : Virgo

Traits: Hardworking. Persistent. Analytical.

Turn-Ons: Immaculate grooming. Ambition. Light bondage.

Turn-Offs: Sloppiness. Laziness. Unreliability.

Product Recommendation: After using a feather tickler to tease and tempt a Virgo, you can then dust the furniture! Both will surely meet the precise Virgo’s needs.







Sextrology : Libra

Traits: Energetic. Intellectual. Falls in love often and easily.

Turn-Ons: Classic romance. Ambience. Compliments.

Turn-Offs: Negativity. Insecurity.

Product Recommendation: As Libras crave balance, a dual stimulator will certainly guarantee pleasure from both sides.







Sextrology : Scorpio

Traits: Emotional. Sensual. Contemplative. Intense.

Turn-Ons: Rough sex. Breath play. Face-sitting.

Turn-Offs: Routine sex. Prudishness.

Product Recommendation: If you’ve ever wanted to dabble with restraint play, a Scorpio will gleefully oblige. Try out a hog tie set, and see how relinquishing power can lead to ultimate pleasure.







Sextrology : Sagittarius

Traits: Witty. Creative. Spontaneous.

Turn-Ons: Humor. Adrenaline. Role play.

Turn-Offs: Rushed commitment. Boring sex.

Product Recommendation: Since Sags are generally down to try anything, a remote control butt plug can be a fun accessory for your next date night. Give them a little buzz throughout the evening to let them know you’re thinking of them.






Sextrology : Capricorn

Traits: Ambitious. Driven.  Shrewd.

Turn-Ons: Success. Stability. Marathon sex.

Turn-Offs: Indecisiveness. Tardiness.

Product Recommendation: The ambitious Capricorn will be doubly pleased when they learn that the pleasurable sensation from vibrating kegel beads are also a great workout for those pelvic floor muscles.






Sextrology : Aquarius

Traits: Independent. Imaginative. Unconventional.

Turn-Ons: Deep kissing. Dirty talk.

Turn-Offs: Neediness. Authority.

Product Recommendation: What better way to please an air sign than with a suction toy? Suction toys are the next best thing to a mouth, ensuring near-instant and multiple orgasms.







Sextrology : Pisces

Traits: Dreamy. Introspective. Artistic.

Turn-Ons: Security. Underwater sex. Striptease.

Turn-Offs: Detachment. Bluntness.

Product Recommendation: This water sign will adore using a water resistant, motorized clitoral stimulator for various forms of satisfaction, including clitoral, nipple, and perineum play.